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 Title: Call Me Admiral Onasi

Rating: PG-16 for non-explicit sex
Pairing: Carth/Revan
Spoilers: Beginning of KotOR2


Every time Carth Onasi introduced himself...Collapse )
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All of the characters listed below are NPCs whose name and history cannot be modified.The exception is Quinn, who is my KotOR PC. When the game begins you can choose a name, appearance, and starting class of the character you will play as. The description here indicates the particular backstory of my heroine.



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 As some of you may know, I've been raving about the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for quite some time now. This is because KotOR is not just a great Star Wars game, it is a great regular video game as well. It has rich NPC characterization, a compelling plot, and The Plot Twist to End All Plot Twists. In fact, it was voted Best Game of 2003 by two different and highly respected gaming authorities! (Which is not a frequent achievement for tie-in games.)

Since many of you who read my writing have never played KotOR, I'm going to post this quick primer. I can think of at least 3 off the top of my head who will never play but who will still like this fic (hopefully, anyway). That's why I've created this summary of the KotOR game and primer to the KotOR universe- so that you can read the novelization without being completely lost.


Star Wars SettingCollapse )



KotOR SettingCollapse )


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Hello! This is Lady Quinn's fanfiction journal. This means that all of my fanfiction will be stored here.

My fic will primarily be posted publically. There may be a fwe friends-locked pieces, particularly those in beta. Therefore having me friend you is not a requirement to read these stories. Stories will be kept behind a cut and tagged so that you can easily find the beginning or end of a story.

That's all the maintainance I can think of to do. Have fun here!

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